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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Wishing there iPad user Manual

The iPad 2 is a revolutionary product that has enabled people to use computing in entirely new ways. Unfortunately, the iPad 2 does not come with an instructions manual. This makes it difficult for new users to figure out exactly what their device is capable of doing. While many users have been able to find an iPad 2 review or two online with good info on how to use the iPad 2, most have struggled to find good information on how to get the most out of their iPad 2.

Forging Ahead without an iPad User Manual

Fortunately, you can figure out how to do most of the things you want to do with your iPad 2 even though there is no iPad user manual. Read and follow the following tips in order to take your iPad computing to the next level:

Use Screen Capture

The iPad 2’s Screen Capture feature lets you take pictures of anything currently displayed on your screen and store the images in your photo library. This is a very useful feature that most iPad 2 users do not know anything about.

To use the Screen Capture feature, simply hold down the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time. As soon as you do this, your iPad 2 will take a picture of your screen and store it in your photo library. Check out your photo library after taking the screenshot and then you can do anything you want with the screenshot.

Friends will love it if you send them screenshots of your latest high scores on popular iPad 2 games like Angry Birds. They may also want to see screenshots of important news stories. The sky really is the limit as far as using the iPad 2’s useful Screen Capture feature goes.

Listen to Podcasts at Blazing Speed

A lot of us have times when we have more podcasts to get through than we have time. A great way to get around this dilemma is to use one of the less well-known features of the iPod app.

The iPod app is a free app that you can download and install on your iPad 2. (Unfortunately, there is no Apple iPad manual to point out how to use this app optimally.)

To play podcasts at double the normal speed, all you have to do is click the 2X button to the right of the display after opening your desired podcast in the iPod app. As soon as you do this, the audio will start playing at twice the normal speed.

While at first this might seem too fast for you, you will probably find with time that it is really an invaluable feature for helping you to learn from podcasts as quickly as possible. With a little training, it is even possible that double normal speed playback will become as easy for you to listen to as normal speed playback.

Search for Text on a Page

Do you need to be able to check and see if a given webpage contains keywords you are interested in? It is often useful to check and see where on a page certain words appear. For example, if you are looking for certain keywords in a news story, knowing where they are located on the page can save you a lot of time.

Fortunately, the iPad 2 has a special feature that enables you to search within webpages. Type your search terms into the Safari search box and look at the list of suggestions it generates. Towards the bottom of this list, you should see the text, “On This Page.” Click on that text and your iPad 2 will search the webpage you are looking at for your search terms.

More than a couple iPad 2 review articles fail to mention this feature, which is too bad, especially considering how valuable it can be to busy professionals and students. Students in a time crunch do not always have time to leisurely scan webpages for specific information they are interested in. Instead, they want to be able to zero in on exactly where their search terms are located on the page.

The iPad and the iPad 2 are revolutionary devices. While it was a real oversight of Apple to fail to distribute an iPad instruction manual or iPad user guide, if you follow the tips in this iPad 2 review, you will be on your way to getting the most out of your iPad 2. No iPad 2 review can substitute for hands-on learning. Start practicing trying out new features on your iPad 2 as soon as you can.

Online Cell Phone Repair Course in The Mobile Industry

Due to the rapid advances in mobile wireless technologies, a new potential has been added to the cellular repair industry. At the moment, the time has come to learn more about training of cellular repair so that it could be helpful to harvest the gaining rewards of a vocation that is fast getting a bastion nowadays.

mobile repair training institute will increase your perspective and elaborate your verbal act of offering in today’s wireless market. In may be either a case where you need to increase the volume for your own wireless shop or want to know the potential as a budding entrepreneur.

In the earlier days, people ought to simply buy a new replacement device and discard the old once their mobile phone gets physically damaged. But these days the prices are so high that the cell phones and the Smartphone phenomenon flooding both corporate and consumer markets therefore now people have limited options to replace their phones with such expensive phones and they prefer to the repair services to get their phone fixed.

Besides this the wireless carriers are not paying attention in servicing or repairing cellular phone and appear exclusively centered on extending or contracting customers for a new 2-year warranty. Users are left with a delicate phone that’s improbable to survive for the warranty period of 2 years. In the cellular repair industry, the trained professionals can examine and fix user phones that are no more under guarantee period and not insured enough through their carriers. Thus they can save the users from replacing expensive phones rather than signing new contracts and adding them to their landfills.

Today many smart phones have changes the era of mobile technology and thus these smart phone like iPhone, Blackberry and HTC are not only meant for the means of communication but they have become an essential item for navigation in today’s intense business concerns and social territories. People are now so confident and they straightforwardly admit their dependence for these delicate devices and subjecting them to grueling daily use that frequently results in breaking. This is the place where professionals help the users for repair of their mobiles.

Today, centers for cellphone repair school California is also available on Internet and these centers give the users the opportunity to repair their devices on their own free of cost as they can utilize that money in learning that course for future use as well. Instead of paying full price for a new phone – a phone that’s generally unacquainted with rapid degeneration of high technology devices these days. With the high cost of these devices and arrival of new models on weekly basis entails a potential opportunity for the phone repair industry. Moreover, it is a profitable opportunity for Cell Phone retail merchants as well as entrepreneurs.

Ways To Double iPhone Battery

It’s no secret that the iPhone battery life is mediocre. Luckily, there are multiple ways to double your iPhone battery life without breaking the bank. Here we list the top three products on the market to double your iPhone battery life.

Why settle with reducing your iPhone 4/4S’s screen brightness, turning off features and functions, and constantly paying attention to the iPhone battery indicator? With these products you can actually double its battery life and enjoy your iPhone 4/4S to the fullest!

$19 iPhone Battery Case

[ 1500 mAh ]

You probably intend to protect your iPhone 4/4S with a case anyways, so why not combine it with a battery? With a slighter larger profile than your typical case, it manages to be more durable than most cases, doubles your battery life and integrates a kick-out stand!

$15 Universal Solar Charger

[ 1350mAh + Unlimited Solar Charging ]

If what you need is a backup and emergency battery, this charger cannot be beat! Not only will it double your battery life with the built in battery, but you can access the unlimited potential of the sun anytime. Charge it using the built in solar panel or through your computer, USB AC adapter or car charger with the included USB cable. Finally, it can charge any iPhone, iPod, iPad or any device with the appropriate USB cable! It is the ideal device to have when you’re lost in a desert or stranded on an island!

$10 – iPhone Battery Pack

[ 1900mAh ]

The classic battery pack gives you the best bang for your buck. It provides the largest backup source and is the cheapest of the three types. It can be charged by your computer via USB or through a traditional outlet. Just keep it handy for those long days when you need some extra juice to finish the day.

The Benefits Of a Weather Radio

A weather radio is often a crucial component of a serious climate safety approach. The objective of these specifically developed gadgets could be to help warn individuals of serious climate situations or other dangers. Possessing a battery-operated, tone-alert gadget could be similar to possessing a personalized storm alarm that could notify the person of the approaching hazards.

There may be a time when a storm might develop. For most, they might only discover the serious climate when it could be too late for taking protection. Nevertheless, whenever a alert method is set up this might help to alert the individual prior to the thunderstorm.

For those who own these products and solutions it can help in the event the electrical energy disappears due to the serious circumstances outdoors. Some of these items are connected to the disaster stations which frequently broadcast to the location that critical situations are to arise. Many of these items are typically battery power driven to assist in keeping the consumer connected to the transmitting companies even with no electrical energy.

For people who own these devices it might help them to be informed to forthcoming intense climate conditions that might help to prevent devastating final results. It may assist to allow them to understand that there could be a dangerous situation where a evacuation is going to be considered. There might be a lot of various models of this merchandise in which a person might be able to choose from.

The consumer might wish to take the opportunity to investigate the many options available. Obtaining an opportunity to investigate all the products could provide a beneficial outcome. The merchandise may come built with a distinctive alarm-tone attribute sound that could inform individuals listening with instantaneous information.

This merchandise may have certain alarms, and distinctive tone features that may work when the product is plugged in, and turned on in particular functioning modes. Even for those who may have a hearing issue these items may be able to help them in the case of an emergency. Some of these items may offer the customer the ability to be able to connect them to other devices that the person may already use to help them see noises rather than hear them.

For people who might use blinking lighting to assist them to become aware of sounds a few of these products might turn out to be helpful to them. The individual may wish to inquire about these unique kinds of products on particular units. Obtaining a number of different choices might be beneficial prior to making that ultimate purchase selection.

There may be a period when a weather radio could assist to avoid a dangerous situation. There will be an assortment in which to decide on. The consumer will need to ensure they make the time to properly investigate all of their offered options. The net could provide the suitable research options for everyone trying to find these items the most efficient probability at locating them..